Friday, July 13, 2018

I Wonder?

This was taken at 3:00 in the afternoon, on a Tuesday, in San Francisco - now it was Castro Street, but I was still surprised.  So I wonder?
1: Who wears it better, this guy or the guy in the subway with his jeans hanging below is his ass and his boxer shorts hanging out? 
2: Does his mother know he dresses like this in public? 
3: What does he list as occupation on his tax return? 

What would you like to ask him? 


  1. Im not sure about your pondering questions dear, but I love that he is walking down the street, while the club sign Strut looms above.

    The boy in black jeans has a fine ass...and IT is covered.

  2. sometimes it is better to NOT see one's charms on display, but to dream about the hidden delights contained therein.

    that being said, that dude has balls showing it off on a public street. occupation? perhaps none.

  3. That is exactly why i love San Francisco!

  4. I'd ask if I could pull that butt floss out for him. That has got to be uncomfortable!

  5. This is just wrong

  6. I don't want to ask him anything. I just want to keep my distance. Well... maybe I'd ask him WHY?!?

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