Thursday, July 26, 2018

Dirty Pictures

There is an old joke about a psychiatrist showing a patient ink blots.  He asked the guy what he saw in the first one and the patient said "tits." Doc showed him the second one and he said, "ass."  Doc showed him the third picture and he said "pussy!"  The doctor became indignant and said "sex, sex, sex, is that all you can think of?  The patient responded, "hey Doc, you are the with all of the dirty pictures!"  

I was not sure what to make of these sculptures, from the back they look vaguely phallic, from the front, much less vague.  

Are they art? 


  1. They can't all be Art. There's got to be a Larry or Bob in there too.

  2. Nothing vague about that rear view!

    1. I dunno, Mitchell. They look like irons with artistic handles to me.

  3. If they took batteries, I know people who'd pay good money for those.

  4. @deedles - bwhahahahah! good one, girl!

    @mitchell - bingo!

    @maddie - me and you and the houseboyz and and and...

    art maybe, but...

  5. Art, Definitely.