Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Seen Recently on Metro

I have had three experiences recently in the heart of the Washington DC subway system, the Metro, that have caused me to pause and go, Huh? 

First was a nice young man carrying a large trophy.  The trophy was at least two feet tall, with blue columns with an icon on of achievement at the top.  Now it is rare to see someone carrying a trophy, any trophy on the subway in the middle of a major city, but the thing that stopped me in my tracks was the icon on the trophy, a Tractor, as in a major piece of farm equipment.  At least 20 miles and a couple of million people from the nearest farm, he was proudly carrying a trophy with a tractor on top. How did that end up there?  

Shortly after that I was on the lower platform at Gallery Place, waiting for my train home.  A Green line train was boarding and I noticed a nice tight pair of skinny jeans boarding.  As I am prone to do, I looked down to see what kind of shoes he was wearing (remember I sold shoes in a department store of 9 months one time, I will never be the same) and I noticed the ankle bracelet.  I am not talking gold, or silver, or diamonds, I am talk home confinement, GPS tracking black box ankle bracelet.  As he walked away the jeans slid half way down his ass and I couldn't help but think, he better get home in time, he is going to be very popular in ways he is unlikely to enjoy if he is late getting home and they lock him up tonight.  

The following day, I was getting off a Red line train at Gallery Place, heading down to the lower platform to catch my Yellow line home.  An enormous person stepped in front of me as I was exiting the train.  I slowed down and let her go.  I didn't have a lot of choice, she was a good 6 inches taller than me and at least a 100 pounds heaver. She was very fast, and no one, I mean no one, stepped in her way or impeded her movement.  I followed along in her wake, sucked along like a race car in the draft.  The easiest time I have had in that station in days.  The next time a see a fast moving fat person, I am giving way and following along for the fast ride. 

What has stopped you in your tracks recently?  


  1. a person came into my office to repair our copier. such a RUDE and CONDESCENDING individual! he was reported to his supervisor yesterday and I made it VERY clear that person was to NEVER set foot in my office again. #timesup, #metoo

    1. Oh to have been a fly on that wall! To see all of that awesome fierceness in person would be glorious (as long as it is directed at somebody else).

    2. oh honey, you don't KNOW how loud my voice became when I quickly tired of his disrespect!

  2. I get stopped in my tracks every time I go to Walmart to pick up my meds! You can cause cart pile ups when you do that.