Wednesday, July 25, 2018

WWW - Wild Wild Midwest

This image got me my first post card job. A local farmer in Michigan decided that a campground and golf course were more profitable and less demanding than cows. To learn about golf course building he spent a couple of winters working in the south west and fell in love with reenacting old west gun fights.  The campers enjoyed the shows almost as much as he did.  

All together I did half a dozen post card jobs in a couple of years.  It was fun. It was also stressful, I can find every imperfection in every one.  

Have you been published? 


  1. YES - you can find me in knitterly publications: poem in "cheaper than therapy" (2005), 8/20/08 calendar page in the "2008 stitch n bitch calendar"

  2. Only in pictures dear.....artisc of course.

  3. Yes. But never on postcards.

  4. Yes, I have had published a couple of general interest articles about whitewater kayaking.



  5. Nope, unless getting my poems printed in my high school paper counts as published.