Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What A Life

I was talking with a colleague about work and retirement.  I sometimes complain about work. At times I have over committed and ended up working a real grind, but all in all, I have had a good run.  As my father once said, "when work looks nasty, just remember some guy is the gut snatcher in a hog processing factory."  Kind of graphic, dad's can be like that, but his point that someone out there has a nastier job stuck over the years.  I may not have spent my work life sitting on a chair watching the waves, but I have had some comfortable jobs.  

Hubby was talking with a colleague about his impending retirement from teaching, and they said, "after a while you will miss it and want to go back to work."  To which he responded, "I never wanted to work in the first place, that is why I never left school."  

I do think that I will want to keep doing something, but I can see changing pace to only doing the parts that I love doing in a few short years.  

How do you feel about retirement? 


  1. I love it and I get a bit annoyed with other's comments about how YOU or I would feel about retirement.

  2. that word is NOT part of my vocabulary. I like my job and want to be active in said job as long as possible.

  3. The best part is I get to watch 'Leave It To Beaver' reruns every morning...that Wally is *so* cute!