Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Dogs Life

Not all, but many dogs have a good life.  Lots of attention, walks, good food (by dog standards), lots of rest.  Some people take better care of their dogs, than they do of themselves.  

If dogs could talk, I am sure they would have an opinion on being "fixed." They would tell us that it worked before the visit to the vet.  I understand that unrestrained, the world would be overrun with dogs, but it can't be the highlight of a dogs life.  

Dog's have their people well trained.  We feed them, provide fresh water, take them for walks, lavish praise on them, and play games with them.  

I am sure they are mystified as to why we follow them around gathering up their crap, putting it in neat little bags and collecting it, while at the same time we ignore out own and flush it away.  Humans can be such strange animals.  

When you get home and the dog greets you at the door, the dog is not happy to see you, he has you trained to come home, take him for a walk, feed, water, and lavish praise on him.  The dog is stimulating you, to do the things the dog has trained you to do. If you fail to do this, the dog will punish your bad behavior or failure to act, with a little surprise in the middle of the living room carpet.  

Is there a dog that has you well trained?   


  1. Yep, two. They don't do anything vile as revenge for anything. Only may late cat would pull crap like that, so to speak.

  2. Of course. Where do you think I learn all my bad habits.

  3. Just two cats.... although we sometimes talk about getting a dog -- because we're not fully trained.

  4. no dogs in this house, just 3 cats that RULE!

  5. The problem with humans is that they don't think in dog speak.
    Dogs are stupid, happy creatures that need to be understood and not treated as little people.

    I love dogs........quelle surprise !!!