Friday, March 30, 2018

Random Thoughts

It does the mind and body good to take a break, sit in the square, indulge in something refreshing, and watch the world go by for a few minutes. 

What do I like in a blog posting?  A nice photograph or image.  I am a very visual person, a blog posting that rambles on for pages of uninterrupted text does not work for me.  If I want to read a book, I will pull out my Kindle.  

Some days I am tempted to go by the White House with a sign that says, "Remember to Take Your Meds!"  Based on the behaviors, most of them need meds, and NONE of them take them.

I have returned from 10 days off from blogging.  I know there was not a gap in my blog, I was that far ahead.  I am in the midst of getting that far ahead again. 

Why do business websites lack real contact information?  I was looking at one recently and had a terrible time finding the location of their retail store in Chicago, I am going to be in Chicago and I am interested in buying their product.  No one lists an email address on their website.  I know an email address online will bring lots of Junk Mail, but it will also bring email that generates business.  Communications, missing a major communications link. Businesses pay more attention to social media trolls, than real customers trying to contact them by email.  

What is on your mind today?   


  1. I have the day off work. I am getting some blood drawn for some tests. I will knit and listen to music and be a lazy little shit.

    is that italy in your pix?

  2. Anonymous3/30/2018

    On my mind?
    I have to visit a friend across town. Will it rain before I get there? (Probably) Will the city be over run with tourists visiting London over the Easter Weekend (Yes). Will we get a table at Haz restaurant and if we do what will I order and will I have a dessert (Definitely to the last bit).
    Happy Easter David x

  3. Besides a nice Easter weekend....and I'm not saying the rest!!!!!

    1. Keeping all your eggs in one basket are ya, Maddie?

  4. A looooooong weekend!

  5. On my mind today. The foods of Semana Santa. Jerry's in the kitchen and it smells like lemons! I can't wait.

  6. On my mind, my monthly eye injection today. At least it's only one eye starting today. The aneurisms and hemorages (fonetickly speld) have cleared up in the right eye. The left one is being a stubborn little bitch! I HATE NEEDLES!!!! Other than that, the weather is going to be glorious. Low eighties. I'm solar powered dontcha know.

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  8. My many sufferings, of course. I have told you about my many sufferings, haven't I? :)

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  10. Getting caught up, that's what's on my mind.