Friday, March 16, 2018

Making it Look Easy

I watch the guys do this, and it looks so easy. But I suspect it is not easy.  Blogging looks easy, and practice makes it so.  Recently I am struggling to come up with interesting things to say.  Yet, I know I must keep practicing.  And so I do.  


  1. Anonymous3/16/2018

    I’d never want to do anything that looked easy. I can’t do anything on water but I sure as hell can wallpaper fast.

  2. I don't mean to sound stupid, but, what exactly are these guys doing? I thought at first that they were fishing, but those are the oddest fishing poles I've ever seen, and I don't believe that fishing is a group sport. As for blogging, I have to give it up to those of you who can do it. Write what you want when you want. If you need to take a break to recharge, feel free to do so. I always find you to be very interesting.

  3. Deedles, they are kiteboarding. The harness connects to a kite, they have a board on their feet, the wind will skip them along the top of the water.

    1. Okay, I just broke my hip reading this! I've never heard of kite boarding. Thanks for the info.

  4. Some people do make that look easy. But they don't fool me.