Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sedimentary People

Our lives are built in many layers.  Our heritage and early childhood.  Growing up and schools.  Our family and friends.  Further education.  The work we have done. Our loves. Our wins and losses. Our accomplishments and failures.  The adventures we have experienced.  We build up kind of like sedimentary rocks, one layer at a time.  

What did I leave out?  The opposite of love, I don't have room, time or space for reflecting on that layer in my life. In the words of the Bard, breath in, breath out and move on. 

What layer do you not have room or time for in your life? 


  1. bigotry, zenophobia, jingoism, homophobia, racism, arrogance, crass consumerism, intolerance, greed, war, poverty, injustice, inequality, hunger, obnoxious/pretentious people, drama llamas, mean people.

  2. Lately there has been such a poetic flow to your words. Lovely.
    Anyway, about those layers, I believe that Anne Marie has it all covered, so to speak. Drama llamas, HA!

  3. Alas it feels like all layers are bereft of time.