Saturday, March 17, 2018

Random Thoughts

I had two postings on Wednesday, one of them was suppose to be for today, one wrong click. 

I am thinking about a trip to Michigan in late summer, any suggestions for a nice hotel in the Detroit burbs? 

Crazy busy in the office.  Am I the only one that wants to give up and say "why me?" shortly before finishing a big project? 

Bizarre times continue in DC.  If Tillerson writes a book, I'll buy it, especially if the title is "Fucking Moron - the twitter in the White House!" 

Spring has got to be just around the corner.  It was a warm mild winter, until spring.  

Have Fun! 


  1. I must say...I am beginning to enjoy the chaos in the white house. It just makes him seem more nuts. By time this is done, everyone will be gone.

  2. I've done that accidental click a couple of times myself. I get the sense that no matter how bizarre things get in DC, Trump becomes more secure in his position.

  3. "If Tillerson writes a book..."

    I think the title, "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot," is already!



  4. my, such nice eye candy there! will the last GOPrick to leave the guvmint please turn out the lights?

  5. May I suggest Ann Arbor? not quite the suburbs but the food there is excellent.