Thursday, March 22, 2018

Routine or Rut?

We are creatures of habit, we like routine, a regular schedule, the comfort of knowing what we are doing.  After a while, routine can turn into a rut.  One book I read suggested simple things, taking a different route to work, stopping to look in a different store, going someplace different for lunch, walking around the block in a different direction to introduce novelty into our lives and stimulate our creativity.  

My Saturday routine, is get up, read blogs and FB, go grocery shopping, come home put things away, start laundry, go to the gym, and write blog postings and fiddle on the computer all afternoon.  I have done that 45 Saturdays a year for 8 years.  The last two weekends, we did something different.  Jay was here for spring break, we hung out in the morning, went to lunch, then grocery shopping, laundry, gym and blogging.  That little change of going to lunch then shopping opened new doors.  A new routine, or will it be a new rut? 

What is your Saturday routine? 


  1. lately it's been routine. Get up, eat, blog, lounge, finally put clothes on. Go shopping, fart around on laptop, eat dinner and then settle in for BBC Viewing. Come spring and's anything but routine.

  2. I've never been one for a regular schedule and don't like routine. I take different routes to the same places and always have. My one consistent routine now is breakfast at the computer before going out for coffee. Even that bores me some days. (Oh, Saturday is no different from any other day... except we have friends that are off from work, so they often meet us for coffee and even dinner... OK, THAT'S a routine!)

  3. get up, enjoy the hours of peach & quiet without RTG (he usually works 1/2 day on saturday), knit, watch shit on youtube. then we go out for late lunch/early dinner, come home, take a nap, listen to music, play on our computers, play with the cats, go to bed. it's relaxing.

  4. I usually have a Saturday rut (you can take that word any way you want).