Monday, March 19, 2018

Face of Experience

I need to update my office picture, it was taken a decade ago.  The picture has held up well, I have aged a bit.  I have put on a bit of weight, there are more lines and creases, a little less hair on top, and a lot more grey.  And that is fine.  My face reflects the life I have lived.  The victories show in the laugh lines, the weight is a sign of having survived and at times prospered.  You can tell I have been able to keep a roof over my head and good food on the table.  There is a scar on my left temple, left over from removal of a small tumor in my late teens, actually it was removed twice, the first time the doctor cut into it and went "opps."  It was exploded in his grip, leaving enough of it behind that it grew back and had to be taken off a second time.  That scar is largely lost in the wrinkles, wrinkles earned by years of paying attention and squinting in the sun.  My skin is dried and leathered a bit, it has been worn hard and put up wet.  I have lived life for the adventure, and not with the goal of preserving a beautiful corpse.  And that is fine with me.  I will take the wrinkles, and lines, and spots, and scars, and grey hair, as evidence of the adventures I have lived. My hair is honest, it is mine.   

If you offered me a free facelift, I'd pass.  I don't want to erase the life of adventure from my face.  

Would you accept a free facelift? 


  1. Probably not. I have considered very minor lip injections, but I can live with what I got. I can't complain with how I'm aging, and neither should you!

    1. Maddie, needles, NOOOOOOOO! You are adorable and if your lips work, why fix them?

  2. And look like one of those stretched out "don't ask me to smile, I only hard the last Botox yesterday" movie stars?
    No thank you. I'll take the wrinkles and sags. I wouldn't be me otherwise.

  3. I think that you have a very pleasant face, with lovely smiling eyes. You don't need to change a thing.
    As for me, I'm fine with my face. Nary a wrinkle (black don't crack, cliché but true) and my hair decided to go silver instead of that yellowing that looks like somebody peed in it. I'm good. Now if you were offering free liposuction, I'd consider it. For health reasons only, also, it is hard to buy clothes when one's butt is in the front. Then again, if I lost my front butt, the jahoobies would have no resting shelf, so I guess I'll stick with the men's mesh belts to hold up my pants.

  4. None for me, thanks. @Deedles: I love your way with words!

  5. HELL NO to the face lift!

    deedles gurl, you are a scream! I love a person with self-deprecating humor.

    ^^^THAT is the picture of cuteness! no wonder sweet bear fell in love with you!

  6. Anonymous3/19/2018

    No. I don’t like needles and I like scalpels even less. I’ve been putting cream on my face since I was a teenager (well I am a gay man after all) and I’m pretty happy with the face. It’s the waistline I’m less ecstatic about.
    You look great the way you are.

  7. Yes, just a subtle one. My ex had Botox +++++ and now looks like a cat in a wind tunnel