Monday, March 26, 2018

Dare to be different

Tucker dared to be different, to take on the established automakers, to challenge the norm. He innovated in design and safety.  The establishment saw him as a threat and pushed back, ultimately the company went out of business, but he left his mark.  You see this, and you immediately what it is, and the story behind it.  

How are you daring to be different? How are you leaving your mark? 


  1. Individuality. Be your own person and do and be what you want. Style for me is always remembered when one is over the top. I in the pass got flack for drag. Your cute, why do drag? But you know what.... they remember me either way don't they? So do what you want and be different.

  2. I take shit from NO ONE! I eat and do what I please. I like to hang out with intelligent evolved individuals. you either love me or hate me; and if you hate me, it's YOUR problem, not mine.

    I knew that was a tucker before I even read your words. IIRC, GM went on to use his many ideas in their cars.

  3. I do housework in the!



  4. Different from whom? I'm just little old unplugged me.
    @Andy- I can get behind that. Word to the wise, never paint a room nekkid if using oil based paint. I was covered in purple specks for days!

    1. we need to see pix of that FOR SCIENCE! :-b

  5. A Tucker! We have one of those here at San Diego’s auto museum. It’s a favorite of mine. I attempt to leave my mark through service to others.

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