Thursday, September 07, 2017

Wet and Wild

Way back in the 1970's I was intrigued by the early underwater cameras.  Nikon made a really good one, most of the others were bulky plastic boxes that kind of fit around a 35mm film camera.  I wanted one, but never bought one.  Sometime earlier this year, my daily deal from Amazon popped up with a small Nikon underwater digital camera as the featured item of the day.  The price was good, and I was feeling flush, do I ordered one.  It sat here on my desk for months.  I took it to the pool once this summer.  I took it with me on my last trip to Florida - the only real camera I took with my on that trip.  

I took it swimming in the Atlantic.  What great fun.  The surf was brutal with a monster current dragging me north along the beach.  I didn't last long, but I did have fun and captured some wet and wild and kind of novel images.  

When I returned to the hotel, I didn't something that just simply felt wrong.  Following the directions on the camera, that start every time you turn it on (you can then cancel them); I put the camera in the sink and turned the water on.  The directions are to rinse and soak the camera in fresh water for 10 minutes after use.  It felt so wrong, but it worked so well.  I need to find someplace warm, placid and tropical to use this fine little toy.  I feel a cruise coming up sometime this year.  


  1. I want to see an underwater selfie. (I've been tempted to buy one myself at times... just because.)

  2. Cruises are so fun. I need to plan one in a couple years again. Just be sure to book one out of the hurricane season.