Friday, September 29, 2017

Unsolicited Advice to Today's Job Seekers

I have been interviewing graduate students for summer jobs.  I have been doing this for several years, I try to find six students per year, two per semester.  I enjoy it, it gives me a chance to talk with bright young students, the future of my profession, the future of our world.   

I have a few items of unsolicited advice. 

  • Bring extra copies of your resume.  
  • When I ask for a short writing sample, don't send me 27 pages.  Brief is 2-5 pages that show me that you can write.  
  • If you are doing an interview by phone, use a real phone.  Every interview I have done with the student on a cell phone, has been disconnected at least once.  The placement office at your school should be able to set you up with an interview room with a real phone. 
  • I attended a networking event at Georgetown, 30 employers at tables around the outside of the room.  The students in the middle.  The students largely stood around talking to their friends, there were only a few employers they all wanted to talk to (the ones rumored to have $100,000 + starting salaries.) My tip for the students, your classmates are not going to hire you, and most likely don't know someone who will.  I might, come tell me what you are interested in and see if I know anyone who might be interested in you. 
  • The students who were best at networking, were international students - learn from them.  
  • Men, don't forget the socks.  The $800 suit and $200 pair of dress shoes, look silly with the no show athletic socks. Attention to the little details matter. 
  • Know what the employer does, and be prepared to connect your life experience, work experience and education to what the employer does.  
  • You are the generation that grew up with computers, learn how to use video calls. I am old enough to be your grandfather and I use video chat nearly everyday.  
What advice do you have for a person looking for a job today? 


  1. leave the pacifier (cell phone) at home!

    know how to speak a complete english sentence without the words "like" or "so" or "you know" contained therein.

    use "thank you" instead of "no problem".

  2. Anonymous9/29/2017

    Youth is wasted on the young !

  3. Much bunny wisdom here...

  4. Be nice to everyone you interact with.
    And say thank you.