Thursday, September 21, 2017

Corporate Good

I have taken a couple of cruises, and I want to take a few more.  Once you are on the floating resort, everything is there, taken care of and catered to.  Cruises can take you into remote and difficult locations with great ease.  

Of the two cruise lines we have tried, I enjoyed Norwegian  best (NCL.)  I liked the relaxed style and various dining options.  

During the recent hurricane in Florida NCL cut several cruises short, rerouted some ships, and sent their ships out to sea to avoid the storm.  In Miami they moved anyone who couldn't get home, onto one of their largest ships and sent them out of harms way on a cruise with a destination being avoid the storm.  They were in port in Mexico for a couple of days and returned to Miami when it was safe.  

I just read that after the storm one of the diverted ships was sent to the Virgin Islands to carry in needed supplies and evacuate people trying to get off the island.  The ship, loaded with people - and pets arrived safely in Miami this last Friday.  

Wow, the corporate response to people in crisis was how fast can we safely get there, the ship will return to commercial service when this is over.  

I liked NCL before, I love them now. 

Where would you like your next cruise to be to? 


  1. NCL and Royal Caribbean were two of my customers before I retired. I cruised for business sometimes. I liked being on the sea but not with so many other people. So, no cruises planned for me.

  2. An Australia & New Zealand Cruise is on my to do list. I’d also like a South America around the tip of Cape Horn Cruise.
    The one I’ve done and very highly recommend is the QM2 transatlantic New York to South Hampton.

  3. My 'next cruise' list is quite long. I suppose the easiest response is 'anywhere'.