Thursday, September 07, 2017

Good Thing I Inherited My Father's Sense of Humor

My father had a deep, rich, sarcastic sense of humor.  He could find humor in the obscurities of life.  I am glad I inherited that from him.  

When I was last in Florida I went into the office of Spectrum his local cable TV, Internet and Phone provider and returned all of the hardware and had the service turned off.  I told the nice person at the desk why, reminiscing that my parents had that phone number since 1976 - longer than she has been alive - and the rest of their lives.  She said the refund check would come to dad, because there is no place in their computer system for a reason service is terminated.  She entered my address in Virginia in the system, so the refund check will come here. 

About a week later there was a letter from Spectrum, I assumed it was the refund check.  Imagine my surprise when it was a letter "wishing dad well in his new home" and offering him a discount on internet service at his new address.  You know even if I had internet service connected to the Greenwood Cemetery (he has not moved in yet, that is happening in another month) I just don't think he would get much use out of it.  Although according to his credit card statement he did make a purchase on Amazon ten days after he died - so one never knows.  Maybe I should have internet service connected to his grave and see if he keeps ordering.  We always kidded him, that if he couldn't take it with him, he wasn't going.  

I was tempted to send Spectrum a letter, but that is difficult as their website does not have an address for a national headquarters.  Maybe they are operating out of the Greenwood Cemetery - the post office does not deliver there you know.  

Should I have sent the letter? 


  1. I think you should send them a letter... from your father... return address, Greenwood Cemetery. When we tried to cancel my mother's home-owners insurance after she died, I was told only my mother herself could cancel the policy. No bureaucratic glitch, an actual human being told me that on the phone after I told her my mother had died. After an inane conversation, I told the woman to just mail my mother the next bill and see if she sends payment.

  2. funny story; but it brings up the thing I hate the most - STUPID PEOPLE! I'd send the letter and see what happens just for laughs. if I had crapcast (comcast), they would do the same thing. dumber than rocks!

    1. am, tell us what you *really* think!!!



    2. I love penguin & andy! :)

  3. Anonymous9/15/2017

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