Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fortune Telling

Let me save you some time, money and trouble. 

In your future you will experience some good things, some bad things, some comedy and some tragedy. You will prosper and you will experience unexpected loss. You will love, and be loved, you will be betrayed.  Yep I see it in the cards, your hands, your eyes, your face, the tea leaves, and my crystal balls.  I guarantee all of this will happen. 

You can't change what will happen, but you can change how you respond to it.  Shrug off the bad, live through it, accept it and move on. If you dwell on the bad, it will possess your soul.  You can't ignore that it happens, but you can limit how long you let it occupy your soul. Make the most of the good, be kind to others, surround yourself with good people, and you will have more kindness love and laughter in your life.  Avoid negative people and you will have less tragedy, drama and betrayal.  Decide what you want, seek it out, and be happy with it when you find it. 

What is in my future? 

Oh, and I predict that a certain blogger will make a comment about my "crystal balls."


  1. How do you keep them from shattering as you walk?

    (Ha, got there before you, Anne Marie ;-))

  2. I regularly meet people who put all their faith in crystal balls. Do you know them?

  3. I only have one crystal ball and it says Anne Marie is thinking something that she isn’t typing. It also says you are spot on, create your future by choosing the channels that lead to more of what you desire.

  4. Bunny in sage mood. Must've put his wisdom ears on today.

  5. Every sunday I exchange tarot readings with a friend in MI. My readings are usually along the line I am going to meet a strange person soon - a fairly safe bet.