Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sheeps' Breath

I was out at Mt Vernon recently and I stopped to visit with the sheep, a pen full of rams.  I was standing there taking pictures over the top of the rail fence and I felt something warm on my leg.  I looked down and one the sheep had stuck his nose through the fence, I was feeling his warm moist breath on my leg.  

Later I was thinking, that back in early 2015, I wouldn't have felt that.  I had lost most of the feeling in my feet and legs.  The feeling has largely returned - thanks to the success of the surgery on my spine back in 2015.  Little things like this remind me how fortunate I am and how close I came to living an drastically different life.  

What reminded you how fortunate you are this week? 


  1. that I wake up alive every morning

  2. Please.......since the election I feel fortunate not to be related to Trump every week.

  3. Though I have my own spinal issues, I am fortunate (and determined!) to recover without surgery.



  4. I realize how lucky I am every time I talk to you.