Monday, September 18, 2017

Almost Enough to Drive Me To Drink

A short list of things that are almost enough to drive me to drink.
  • People who have elaborate email signatures, that include the company logo and slogan and their name in a fancy script, but don't include their email address or a phone number. 
  • Corporate operators who can't connect you to the employee you are calling (AARP)
  • Company websites that don't include a complete address, or phone number, or a real working email address. (Charter Communications) 
  • Business websites with a contact us here link, that no one monitors and responds to. 
  • Someone switching back and forth between text messages and emails, with part of the message in one, and part in the other. 
  • Letters of complaint to corporate CEOs that no one responds to (it has been four weeks PNC.)
  • Being unable to call a business without going through Voice Mail hell, am I the only person who answers my phone?  
What is driving you to drink this week? 


  1. Being in a medical conference in New Orleans. We had several drinks. Oh the embarrassment.

    1. Did anyone warn you to stay away from the fruity frozen drinks with 200 in the name?

  2. *The woman who keeps calling me trying to encourage me to not let my factory warranty expire on my car. I can renew it. She obviously does not know or care that it is a 2000!
    *water almost 3 feet deep in my basement and the guy who said he would be here Saturday.
    *The woman who makes appointments not returning my call for ten days now. I had to get the doctor's nurse to get me an appointment.

    That's enough irritation for now.

  3. the dump, the dump's supporters, bigotry, zenophobia, jingoism, homophobia, racism, arrogance, crass consumerism, intolerance, greed, war, poverty, injustice, inequality, hunger, obnoxious/pretentious people, drama llamas, mean people.

    and that's just for starters.

  4. He'll, I drink because it Monday. Doesn't take much these days.

  5. Ain't no one going to drive me to drink again but nevertheless this week I will be irritated by Real Estate agents who take a new listing and market it as "Coming Soon" and do not allow other agents to show it while they find their own buyer. They limit the competition and actually cheat their seller (read client) out of possibly selling for more. Unethical.

  6. Those TRULY irritating scammers (usually from India or the Philippines) who try to insist that if we don't follow whatever they say,our internet will be cut off. My partner says to them that's okay, you just go right ahead. Funny, we are still connected... I either tell them we don't have a computer, or as soon as they ask me how I am tell them I'm much too sick to talk to anyone and hang up. Mongrels. They are ringing two or three times a day lately and driving us crazy. Almost to drink, in fact.