Tuesday, September 19, 2017

George Washington's other house

Mt. Vernon with it's classic house, is the home that most people recognize as George Washington's home.  He also had a second home, a town house in Alexandria about 10 miles north of Mt Vernon.  10 miles was a three+ hour walk, probably a couple of hours by horse, so Washington maintained a small home in "town."  The original house was lost to history, but recreated as shown above.  It is just around the corner from the center of Old Town Alexandria.  It is a private residence today - with tour buses slowing to a stop out front a couple of times per day. 

Would you live there? 


  1. nope, I'm not something for a tourist to gawk at!

    1. You are a tourist attraction in your own right!

    2. bwhahahahaha! point and stare!

  2. Anonymous9/19/2017

    You bet. I adore American clapper board houses.

  3. My house has wooden siding and rock basement. So, I suppose I would. People stop and look here, so it would not annoy me at all.

  4. I love this. Never knew about this reproduction. I remember passing through Fredericksburg, VA, in the '80s and seeing a sign that read "Home of Mary Mother of Washington." So strangely worded.