Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thoughts on inclusion, diversity,

I spent some time with an old friend recently.  She was talking about trying to go see the Ark Encounter. I responded that I wouldn't, that it used special tax breaks, but discriminates in hiring, in violation of the conditions on special tax breaks. There are other issues, this is the easiest one to explain.  The tax breaks were a bad idea, and the owners discriminate in the name of religion.  The separation of church and state should have prevented this.  

She said, "oh you mean that they wouldn't hire you because of your chosen lifestyle." I responded, "no they wouldn't hire me, because I am married to another man."  She said, and marriage is a lifestyle choice.  I was stunned by the illogic, of her logic and let the issue drop.  Later I thought about it, and the issue is not that they wouldn't hire someone like me because I am married, it because they wouldn't hire me because of who I am married to. Marriage may be a lifestyle choice, but my marriage should be equal to every other marriage.  

I really feel for her, her lack of understanding of the world, of the human condition, of her own life, of members of her family.  



  1. Anonymous9/14/2017

    Being that you are a world traveler, it is YOU who lacks understanding of the world. You do realize that in certain parts of the world, you would be hung for who you married, right?
    Would you bring milk or pork into a kosher restaurant and contaminate their dishes? Would you demand a halal kitchen serve you a pulled pork sandwich? Would you go hatless into a Jewish synagogue? Would you, as a man, go sit in the female section? Are you aware that the first Jewish prayer a man says upon waking up in the morning is 'Thank you God I was not born a woman'? Would you wear your street shoes inside a mosque? They all get tax breaks and discriminate in the name of religion. Why are you picking on a Christian religion? Do they not have the rights of other religions?
    Besides, the Ark comes from the Old Testament. It's observed in both the Christian AND Jewish religions. Are you saying Jews discriminate also?
    Are you aware that most blacks do not approve of gays? Are you now saying that blacks discriminate too?
    Next time you go to the Middle East, you should stay there. Then let me know what you think of their hiring practices.
    I feel really sorry for YOU. You are the one who is racist and biased. You lack understanding of the REAL world, the REAL human condition.
    You owe your long time friend an apology.

    1. Not only that...with hand tools no less, and Noah was 500 years old at the time!



  2. "they wouldn't hire you because of your chosen lifestyle." - IT'S NOT A CHOSEN LIFESTYLE, BITCH! IT'S A BIOLOGICAL FACT! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR FAT HEAD!

    as for the troll up there ^, there is no god and organized religion is a cult. think for yourself.

  3. Oh dear! , it's not the first time I've heard " chosen lifestyle" and gayness in the same sentence. And it is a shame and for me a deal breaker on friendship. If one of my friends stated that being gay is a choice then they would not be my friend.
    Choosing marriage regardless of sexuality is of course a choice. That is accepted

  4. I would be making the word "Old" in "Old Friend" the key word here. Someone who cannot respect you deserves nothing more than a "cordial friendship".

  5. Anonymous9/14/2017

    This reminds me of the saying,"I like him because he's a family man." Some of us remained single all our lives because we didn't want hate hurled to another person.