Sunday, September 24, 2017

Spo- Questions

Spo, the dear, and his Board of Directors, came up with a great list of questions.  So here we are.
·         What was the most brilliant idea you had last week.  – If you can’t raise the bridge, lower the river.
·         Who did you fight last and what damage did you do them.  – I have been fighting ignorance – so far I have lost my sanity and lot of hair.
·         Who was the kindest person. – the anonymous voice on the speaker phone at the Charles Schwab transfer desk who focused on solutions instead of problems. 
·         What made you laugh. – Jay, my sweet bear.  
·         In the past week which public building have you torched. – None, that would be unkind (not to mention illegal.)
·         What made you angry.  – Voice mail hell.
·         What inn did you last pillage.  – I was pillaged by the hotel in Florida that charged me one-night room and tax when I cancelled and then they cancelled me the next day without refunding it.
·         What made you want to cry. – thinking I can’t wait to tell dad about this, and then realizing he is not there to tell anymore. 
·         Where did you see attend the last blood eagle.  – There is something circling above the White House – is that what it is?  
·         Where are you/where do you want to be. – I am home at my desk, I would prefer to be on the beach in Hawaii 

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  1. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections is pleased as punch you played along. They hope you will send the Danegeld before the end of the month. If not they are likely to pay a visit. I'd advise you to lock up the liquor.