Friday, September 01, 2017

Venetian Glass

I am fascinated by glass.  I collect cobalt blue glass - I need to part with a ton of it when we consolidate home in a little over a year.  When we were in Venice, I didn't buy any glass, knowing that I have more than I can keep and looking at the challenges of traveling with it, after all there are things you just don't want to break, and some parts are more delicate than others.  

Where would you display some of this?  


  1. These are wonderful. We had a collection of contemporary art glass that was supposed to be a major retirement fund. We started collecting in 1981. One of my favorite ways to display it was on glass shelves across two windows in our dining room. Then the collection got too big and we displayed many of them on light boxes. Retirement? We could find anyone to buy it. We kept one, gave the other to a sister, and donated the rest to the GLBTQ Center in San Diego for fundraisers.

  2. Dear me
    I too would not be one to have the around, lest the supper invite is shocked.