Friday, June 03, 2016

The Life Blood of a Business

Customers are the lifeblood of every business or profession.  Everyone has a customer.  It is easy for the front line staff to know who the customer is, harder for administrative staff. Sometimes the customer is another department or person in the same organization.  The customer is the person that your work is supporting.  Everyone, in every business has a customer.

A few simple guidelines:

  • Trust the customer, a few will figure out how to cheat the system - but most will do the right thing. Don't penalize the majority, to try to control the minority.  
  • Treat the customer well.  It costs little and keeps them coming back. 
  • Even if the customer is wrong, make it your problem, your failing and try your best to make them feel well about it. 
  • Honesty if the only policy when talking to a customer.  People would sooner work with an honest incompetent, than a lying perfectionist. 
  • Give your best to the customer.  The customer keeps us in business, keeps us working, they deserve our best.
  • Be profuse in your thanks to the customer.  Saying thank you costs nothing and pays big dividends 
Oh, yea, it has been another one of "those days" at the office.  


  1. ew. at least it's friday.

    we hear compliments all the time at my office like (a) OMB, a real person answered the phone! or (b) such fast service! and yes, we DO talk about nasty customers and how stupid they are behind their backs.

    PS - that that how you like your men? ;-b

  2. So, so right David. My number one rule is "Treat the customer the way you would want to be treated." And you're right, most people (customers) are decent. Don't let the few bad ones throw you.

  3. I would like to order all three please.