Thursday, June 23, 2016

If you could only smell this

We have to be careful about the development of smellavision.  There are some things most would enjoy smelling, some that would make many of us sneeze.  Other smells are strictly a personal taste, or lack there-of.

I like cheese, mostly pretty routine firm cheese like cheddars, Gouda, and Swiss.  I also like some hard cheese, some grated, some not.  In soft cheeses I falter, some them are very good, others I can't get past the smell of.  If you could smell the market display above you would know what I mean, some of them remind me of the unpleasant side of living in farm country growing up.  Be glad you can't smell them, hope you get a chance to smell them,


  1. I am crackers for cheese as well.
    I get my goodies at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor.

  2. havarti, muenster, provolone, brie, parm, mozz, asiago, plus your three choices are my faves. a plus if they are smoked. I don't lean towards the soft cheeses.

  3. Just left our local market and, yes, today it smelled like somebody cut the cheese! I love cheese ... except the really smelly ones.