Friday, June 24, 2016

Buy That Silly Hat

I don't buy a lot of stuff anymore when I travel.  I collect "Pins" from the places I have visited and try to find one or two, they are small and generally cheap (except for Ferrari.)  When I do buy something it is usually practical, like shirts that I can actually wear (Stonehenge for example.)  But every once in a while, I see something silly and I just have to have it.  I will probably only wear the silly hat a couple of times, and 30 years from now when someone is sorting out the junk I leave behind someone will find it.  Maybe it will remind them, that I was capable of being impractical, and buying the silly hat.  It is Friday, what silly thing are you going to do today?

The picture was taken on one of the water buses in Venice.  Some of them have outdoor seating on the front or the back, here we were on the back of the boat. The white structure with the yellow bands, is one of the floating stations.