Monday, June 20, 2016


We went to Modena Italy on a mission, Modena is known for three things, balsamic vinegar, Pavarotti, and very fast cars.  Modena is the birth place of Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini,and Maserati.  Given time I would love to explore all four, having not won the lottery we held ourselves to Ferrari.  Enzo Ferrari was born and raised in Modena, and the museum dedicated to the history of Ferrari is in Modena, just a few blocks from the train station, part of it in the building that once housed Enzo's father's fruit wholesaling business. The collection in Modena concentrated on history and Ferrari in the movies.  It is a very nice collection.

The Ferrari factory, and the second museum are about 10 miles away in Maranello, a shuttle bus is available between the two for 12- Euros per person round trip.  The collection at Maranello focusses on racing, primarily F-1.   The tour was nice, there is a small snack bar at Maranello.  They will let you sit in a Ferrari and they take your picture, if you like it you can buy it (the picture and I assume the car.)

How could I resist, I look so good in it and it fits so well! 


  1. how much would that model cost?

    1. It looks like she starts at about $210,000.

    2. for that I could buy a house!

  2. It does fit so well. Did you buy it? The car, I mean...

  3. You do look good in it my dear.
    Those, the car, are quite popular in my neck of the woods. I don't quite get why but it's Southern California and there's a lot of wacky personal expression I don't get... Guess that's why I love it here. I laughed when I saw California on the pic.