Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Where is Home?

So I spent the weekend in "the other house," I have been in DC for 7 years, but other than my clothes, I never really moved out of the house in Lexington.  I come back, and except for the closet being empty it is like I never left.   J jokes that he wants to keep it like was I was alive.

I have lived in 5 states, owned 5 homes over the past 33 years (and rented a couple of apartments.)  Where is home brings a complicated answer, additionally complicated by having had to homes for the past 7 years.  My father use to joke that home is where he hangs his hat, and he doesn't wear a hat anymore, so he is not sure where home is.  (I have started a list of $hit my father use to say.)

I am easily at home where I am.  It is common for me to visit someplace and think, I could live here.  Not everyplace, I don't think I would be happy in Iowa, or Mississippi.  But much of the country.  It takes a few months for me to settle in, figure out where to shop, what the local specialties are, where the best views are, then I am home.  Happiness is an inside deal, it is something I bring with me, not the result of my surroundings,  Home is where the happiness is, and I can be happy "almost" anyplace.


  1. RAMEN, bro! hope you and sweet bear had a loverly valentine's day together!

  2. My parents moved frequently when I was a child, and I have done the same thing as an adult. I've always felt like I never had roots and I deeply regret it.
    But, as you said, "home" is where the happiness is. That's most important.

  3. This is a common theme for you I think: not having a sense of a fixed place for 'home'.

  4. Happiness really is an inside deal. I'm grateful that I know this little nugget of wisdom.