Sunday, February 07, 2016

Monuments and Memorials Meme

What do we really know about one another, we read each other's blogs, but there is more to each of us than our blog content.  So this year I am going to try to create a meme, or list of questions of the week. If you like the questions, feel free to copy and paste the questions onto your blog, and please link back to  Let me know in the comments how to find your blog and your answers. 

DC is a city filled with monuments and memorials, tributes to heroes, and leaders and people who simply did their jobs - jobs that hold a place in history.  So this week, we will explore Monuments and Memorials.  

1) Who is your favorite dead political leader and why? 
              Thomas Jefferson, he valued knowledge and experience. 

2) What is your favorite Monument or Memorial in the world and why? 
               Arc De Triomphe in Paris, the placement sets this one apart

3) What Monument or Memorial worldwide have you found most moving? 
               Normandy American Cemetery, in Colleville-sur-Mer, France - it really brings home the gravity of the sacrifice. 

4) Marble, Granite, Limestone, Bronze, what is the best material for a Monument? 
               Marble, I am a traditionalist 

5) When a monument is erected in your honor, what will it say about you? 
                I was an adventurer - but boring most of the time 


  1. 1) FDR - he made us great and proud

    2) the taj mahal - nothing else like it

    3) arlington national cemetery - robert e. lee's estate turned into a burial ground

    4) any material that stands the test of time

    5) she was a bitch who kicked ass and lived well

  2. 1) Louis XIV - for the finery
    2) Stonehenge - if only for the aliens
    3) I like them stationary
    4) Stone - I am well with Rock
    5) He's no Louis XIV