Saturday, February 27, 2016

Farm Dreams

I was raised in the country, surrounded by farms.  I love farms.  For a long time I dreamed of moving to a few acres and having pigs and chickens and ducks,  a big garden  - the full Good Neighbors self sufficiency vision.  Funny I never lived that.  My Grandmother raised a nice garden, and did some home canning and pickling, something I am prone to do when I get into a nesting mood.  But the last of the chickens left farm before I was born.  My parents were not much for gardening and my mother never trusted her canning skills.

It is a fun vision, a self sufficient mini farm.  It is also a huge amount of physical work.  I am long past wanting to do that much physical work.  It might be fun if I could employ a couple of "farm-boys" to do the work, while J and I watched and supervised.  I could do that.  Probably cost me $150,000 a year to hire the labor to support the self sufficiency dream.  When pigs sprout wings and fly.



    these guys are living your dream! go check them out!

  2. I loved having chickens. There's something peaceful about hens as they peck around the yard. The better half won't let me have any since I have six dogs. Dogs over chickens though.

  3. Neat dream
    I want goats on my mini farm. and chickens