Saturday, February 06, 2016

Making Plans - Finishing Plans

Making plans for upcoming travels, a trip to see the Sweet Bear in the other house, a conference in Denver, if anyone ever tells me when I am on the agenda a conference in Chicago.  Oh and I need to start filling in hotels in Italy - soon.

We finally finished the car trade today.  Wait a minute you say, the new arrival came in back in October.  Yes, how true, the issue was the sale of the previous car.  This was kind of a special car, a cute little Mercedes, 12 years old, with fewer than 50,000 miles.  The dealer gave us a trade in offer and said, if you can sell it for more, feel free to do so.  We mentioned it to a few friends and one readily agreed to buy it for more than the dealers' offer. Great for us and a good buy for her.  Only one little issue, she didn't have a drivers license - meaning she couldn't get insurance- meaning we couldn't transfer the car to her.  But she wanted the car, and we needed the cash to complete the purchase of the new car, so last April we drafted a contract and she paid for the car - saying we could keep it and drive it through the summer.  She would get a drivers license over the summer, then she was invited to teach in Asia, and then do research in Italy and summer came and went and she didn't have a drivers license. No problem, we parked the car in her garage on the assurance she would get a license soon.  Well soon, turned into this week.  The car is now hers.  Oh, now someone needs to teach her to drive a manual transmission - neither of us are up for that.


  1. good thing I didn't offer to buy the car; I never learned manual transmission! besides, I don't think my left leg would be up to the task of stepping on the clutch.

  2. Love the bear -
    love the cars even more!

    I truly wish her luck in learning to drive a manual.....