Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Grumpy Rants

Random Rants:
I read this last week that Delta had a four hour flight diverted because of bad weather - twice - that took 30 hours to reach it's destination.  It is difficult when that happens, but it happens, been there - done that.  One of the passengers was complaining to the newspaper, that the airline had not responded to her demand on TWITTER for compensation.  On TWITTER!!!  What a twit, how stupid can she be, that is not how this works, it just is not how any of this works.

I went all lawyer on an old friend recently.  It is about attitude, life is not something that the outside imposes on you, it is about the reality of what happens in your being, your body, your mind, and how you respond to it. Man-up and take responsibility for your life, it is not something the outside has imposed on you, it is, what it is, and how you have coped with it.

I didn't lose any weight last week. I skipped a couple of treadmill sessions when I was traveling, indulged in tasty foods and late night snacks a few times.  It was all stuff within my control, I have to remind myself why I want to take control of what I do.  I am not fat because of the actions of others, I am because of choices I have made over the past decade, take responsibility - take control.

One of the earliest lessons that I remember learning from my father is that "life is not fair."  Luck does not reward those who need it or deserve it, luck falls to those who take chances and are there.  I am less likely to win the lottery, because I seldom buy lottery tickets (and the odds of winning are very small.) People don't win or lose based on need or being deserving.  You can increase your odds of winning, but luck has nothing to do with worthiness or need.

Jealousy is a wasted emotion.  Others have options and opportunities that are different than mine, good for them.  All I can control is what I have done with what I have to work with.  If I do the best I can with my talents and abilities - I have had a good life.  (There is a rant hidden in there about irritating jealousy - I tire of reading it.)  Poor little me, is not an attractive attitude.

This one relates back to the Power Ball jackpot being $1.5-billion - was a comment I posted and then deleted. The odds of winning the Power Ball are the same for every ticket that is sold (about 150,000,000 to 1.)  Buying more than one ticket does not increase your odds of winning on a single combination of numbers.  If the winning combination could only be sold once, then the odds get better for you with the more combinations you owned, but under the lottery system that allows the same combination to be sold an unlimited times, the odds of winning on any ticket remain the same.  The lottery is really a sucker bet, consider it money spent (or lost) when you buy the ticket.


  1. "Poor little me is not an attractive attitude." - I had to learn this lesson the hard way. NO ONE wants to be around a debbie downer dramapussy. and yes, I have dropped friends due to this very negative attitude.

    for the annoyed twitterer above I offer this: suck it up buttercup, sucks to be you, boo hoo hoo cry me a river, get over it bitch.

  2. Paragraph two is spot on! I didn't realize that I preach lawyer, glad I do.
    I play powerball every week, one play per draw. I figure a snowballs chance in hell is better than no chance at all. I belive hell will one day have a cold snap!

  3. those are all good rants, indeed.