Thursday, February 11, 2016

Icelandic Snaps

I saw the description of this on the internet and couldn't resist.  It is a liqueur made in Iceland and flavored with Burch.  Yes, Burch as in in sprouts from a tree.  The base is fermented and distilled in Iceland, it was unclear what starch is used.  Then the herbs from the trees are infused, it is aged and bottled.  It is interesting, herbal, kind of strong, and unique.  If you are passing through the airport at Keflak you can buy it in the duty free shop.  Interesting stuff.  Yes , I would buy it again.


  1. how would you describe the taste? looks interesting!

  2. All I could find was that it's a mixed grain distillate, flavored with birch sap. Probably part rye, another part barley as those are the only native grains grown(besides grass)as crops.

  3. Isnt all booze ridiculously expensive in iceland?

    1. Everything is ridiculously expensive in Iceland, it was like $35.

  4. Well, that's one I've never heard of. I like the bottle.