Tuesday, February 09, 2016


It is archive and shred time. Once a year I go through my files, put into storage anything over a few months old and shred things I have no reason to keep. I  keep a few months worth of statements,  but only a few. I don't know why, habit I guess.

This gets me ready to do taxes.  I will work on those soon. Our first joint returns, complicated by earned income in two different states.

This year I also had a huge stack of medical stuff, all ready to be filed. I need to keep some of it for the complex history.   Interesting looking back through it. It was an interesting year. 


  1. 2015 good - your marriage

    2015 bad - the surgery

    may the bad not be repeated, and may the good just get stronger.

  2. The year that was, that's for sure! Lots of excitement of various types, but in many ways, a very good year!

  3. good luck sorting out the good from the rubbish.