Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Makes Me Look Up

I have a wonderful morning commute, I ride the subway train into DC from the south each morning and out of the city every afternoon.  I read a lot on the ride, but there are a couple of spots that I almost always look up for.  The train moves through Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, I almost always look up to see the planes landing and taking off and to see how many and what kind of private jets are down at the general aviation terminal (south end of hanger row.)  Just south of there where the train crosses "Five Mile Run" I check the tide.  I also look up when the train crosses over the Potomac River, looking north into the city I can see the Capital on the east, the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument to the west.  I also like the view of the river.

Finding a pretty view on my commute is a long term pattern.  When I lived in Lexington, I would drive across through town to get a view of the tall buildings.  When I lived in Orlando I liked working projects in Oviedo, I would go west out of town toward Tuscawilla, the old road was rolling and lined with wonderful trees.  It was out of my way, but very relaxing.

When I look up and look around, it is amazing what I see. What makes you look up in your daily commute?


  1. red tailed hawks flying overhead; canada geese in V formation; blue skies; the sun; the moon. yeah, I am out in da burbs!

  2. I work and live right in my neighborhood so commute is thankfully not part of my day. I do look out of my bedroom window daily to see if the horizon line way out over the pacific is crisp or foggy every morning. When driving to my gym I'm treated to the parks around Mission Bay. You live in a stunningly beautiful city, but then again so do I.

    1. San Diego is on my fantasy I could live there list.

  3. nothing really - it is always blue sky here. I like clouds.