Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Last week I went to California, for 40 hours.  I had intended to be there for a couple of days, but a blizzard delayed my outbound trip.  I was still able to be there for the essential business part of the trip, and the rest of the meetings could be squeezed in at the pool, over breakfast and Taco and Tequila Tuesdays' in the bar (and Whiskey Wednesday.)

There is no secret that winter here in the "cold cold north"* is not my season.  I welcome any obligation to go to work in warmer, sunnier climates at this time of the year.  And so here i am squinting in the later afternoon sun in Newport Beach, California.    I only wish I had been able to stay a little longer.

*-line from a Jimmy Buffet song


  1. Newport Beach, them's some rich peoples up there.

  2. now who took this photo I wonder?