Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stocking Up

I enjoy a little bourbon, good stuff no rubbish.  Owning a home in Kentucky, where most of the good stuff is made, I grew accustomed to being able to buy rare, hard to find, single barrel and small batch bourbons.  I can buy some of them in the DC area, for twice the price.  Some of them I can't find in DC for any price.  So when I go to Kentucky, I try to stock up.  I was in Kentucky for Valentines / Presidents day weekend and I went shopping / stocking.  I visited 5 distilleries and Liquor Barn.  The yield was 9 bottles of 8 different bourbons, two different bourbon creams, and four bottles of America's best Vodka (Wheatly.)

I was last in Kentucky 16 months ago.  I stocked up the last time I was there.  I was down to my last bottle.This stock up will last for a while.

The 1792 is from Barton in Bardstown. The name is a tribute to the year that Kentucky became a state.  It is a blend of select very old barrels.  Very smooth, It has a noticeable spice, Notes of flowers, vanilla, and a little wood in the after taste.  Very nice.  Very drinkable.  There will be a few more reviews from this haul.


  1. NO ONE should drink rubbish; nice haul!

  2. I used to drink jeam Beam when i was 19
    Couldnt stand the stuff now

    1. We do learn to appreciate quality as we age, I have become quite a snob on bourbon.

  3. Oh!!!! I wants them I does!