Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What Is Happening in My World

Near Keflak Iceland
In no particular order what adventures are happening in my world:

  • I have been incredibly busy in the office.  I was in Cincinnati a week ago, I have a long report to write for that project. I have another project that is still behind schedule from being on medical leave in May and June. I have a major board meeting on Friday. 
  • I am chairing the National Aging and Law Conference the end of the month, a year in the planning, two day agenda with 28 sessions.  This is my second year chairing NALC - a lot of fun and a lot of work. We are opening conversations about a partnership with a major federal agency for 2016 that could double the size of the conference - they have the money - I have the expertise. 
  • I received word this week that I will be speaking at the Aging in America Conference in the spring. 
  • My mother had a bad infection this week, very scary for a day or so, but she seems to be doing better.  She is a tough old bird. 
  • The new baby (car) is ready for pickup, airline tickets have been booked and the car will be with us in 10 days or so (we bought him, through a dealer near the other house and have to go there to take delivery.)  
  • Plans are in place for Thanksgiving in Florida, I am making plans for a board meeting in California in late January (I am going to miss Ron and Pat's LA adventure by 5-6 days.) 
  • I rode a bike from the office to King Street last Friday afternoon, 9 miles in less than an hour.  I hadn't done that in about 15 months.  I had to push myself - but I need to do that.  Someone asked me the other day "when will you be back to 100%?" without thinking the answer emerged, "never."  But I am compensating well for my limitations and pushing myself to do as much as possible. I hurt on a daily basis, but that is life, welcome to the new normal. I can't let that hold me back from doing as much as I can do.  
  • J and I are getting married - soon - don't feel left out - we kept this very - very small.  I will write about that after it happens.   


  1. Anonymous10/13/2015

    Congratulations. I think you should move the last bullet point to the top of the list!

  2. Wow, what an impressively busy schedule. Congratulations on the bike ride - - and I hope your mother is doing better.

  3. I had to post lots of requested wedding photos
    So must you

  4. YOU RODE YOUR BICYCLE!!!!! oh happy day!!!!!