Thursday, October 01, 2015

Spending the Night in a former Seminary - Robert Schuman Haus - Trier Germany

The Front of the hotel
The hotel up the mountain side as viewed from the top of the Roman Gate in Trier 

The View from our room
Walking down the main floor corridor
We wanted to go to Trier in far west of southern Germany, the city has a Roman gate, and a couple of ancient churches.  When I went to book hotels prices were rather high, one hotel site said something about special event pricing being in effect - there was a Rally Race arriving in town the day were leaving and hotels were a bit crazy.  I did a little wider search and found the Robert Schuman Haus, 1.9 miles east of the city, for a good price. The pictures looked interesting and I booked.

Arriving was a bit of an experience, you go across the river from the city, and turn right up a mountain side, when the road turns into a one lane paved cow path through the trees, the signs say you are almost there, and then the parking lot, on a cliff appears.  I looked at the building and the largely empty parking lot and wondered if we were in the right place.  It looked like a monastery or a convent.  We went into reception, and yes we were in the right place, and we were on the right track, the building is a former seminary - converted to a hotel and conference center.

Our room was on the top floor with a wonderful view of the city across the river.  The room was large, comfortable in that mid-century modern Catholic architecture sort of way, clean and quiet. It was delightful.  The weather was nice and we slept with the windows open, the room was not air conditioned (one of only two on the continent this trip sans-air-conditioning.) The parking lot filled overnight.