Tuesday, October 27, 2015

To Much To Close

My calendar this month feels a bit like the two cars above, far to much packed far to closely together.  I started out the month in Cincinnati, with two nights and three days of intense (read 12 to 17 hour days) working on a program review for a funder.  I returned from that with another half-a-dozen interviews to do by phone and a massive report to write - due November 9th.  The middle of the month was our quarterly board meeting at work, that we hold three times a year.  It was an in person meeting, so there was a late dinner the night before, the day after that we got married.  This past Friday and Saturday I was at a conference interviewing law students for summer internships - Saturday was a waste of time 2 out of the 3 students scheduled for interviews failed to show up.  This Tuesday I have an annual partners meeting for the project that funds 80% of my time at work, I get to be the asshole and tell them what we have screwed up for the past 7 years.  Wednesday afternoon I check into a hotel and do a walk through with the hotel staff for the National Aging and Law Conference, I produce the project, Thursday and Friday will be 12+ hour days.  Then I need to finish the Cincinnati report and work on a research project that is now three months behind schedule - only one hour of work was done on it when I was out on medical leave for 9 weeks this summer.  All a little much packed in kind of tight.


  1. geeze, don't forget to breathe! and tell sweet bear how much you love him!

  2. well I am going to ask: how can one have a quarterly board meeting 3x / year?

    1. Leave it to an office full of lawyers to do this. We never get around to scheduling the summer meeting.

  3. well I am going to ask: how can one have a quarterly board meeting 3x / year?

  4. Good Gawd - I feel exhausted just reading about it and I can definitely feel your pain. I hope you'll eventually have time for some well-deserved R&R.

  5. I don't know how you do what you do.