Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Future of Reading

My how far we have come, how fast.  I bought my first desk top computer less then 20 years ago, it had an incredibly large 1-gig hard drive.  My phone has 48 times that much memory.  I remember buying my first digital camera about 10 years ago, thinking it was a nice novelty but really no replacement for my Nikon SLR.  Several month later I realized that the digital was so wonderful that I hadn't finished the roll of film in the Nikon, I haven't looked back.  When I bought my first "smart phone" a blackberry, I was lied to, the young man said after a couple of weeks they wouldn't be able to pry it out of my hands, he lied, it was only about two days.  But the thing that I have been most amazed by is my Kindle. I have barely opened a printed book since I bought the first Kindle. I review books for a journal my office publishes, one of the first things I do when someone sends me a book to review, is to look and see if I can buy a Kindle version.  I can carry a stack of books, in one small device, it is easy to carry, use, store.  I read more with it, then I did before it.  I can go back and pull up any book I have ever viewed on it.  I can read Kindle books on my phone, on a tablet, on my desktop computer, if I bookmark it on one, the bookmark shows up when I open the book on another device. E-books have gone from nothing to about 25% of publishing.  I have to think that they are going to grow.

Is my Kindle perfect?  No, this one has a touch screen, a random touch of the screen will change the page, a random thumb on the screen for 5 seconds can move the book 20 pages in one direction or the other.  If I touch a footnote when trying to change pages, the footnotes page comes up (I hate that.)  The non-touch screen model that they no longer make was easier to control.  I have broken two of the, had the battery go bad in one, and had a software failure on one, so I am on the fifth one.  Still I love it.


  1. let's see:

    first desktop home computer - 1998 with dial-up connection. bought a new desktop AND a new laptop in 2010 with FIOS connection.

    first digital camera - 2012

    first cell phone (that's just a stupid phone) - 2011

    no kindle, no smartphone

    as my boss likes to ask me "why are you such a tecnophobe?", I reply "have no need, don't want, be content with what you have."

  2. I suppose it is just a matter of time for me I get dragged into one of these items. Meanwhile the smell and feel of books (especially old used types) remains too resplendent to give up to cold metal and bright lights.