Saturday, October 17, 2015

Getting Married

We are getting married this afternoon.  Please don't feel left out, we have kept it very small.  It was hard limiting the list, we been very quiet about it to keep the day from getting away from us.  We wanted something small, quiet - something that didn't overwhelm us with details.  We are dressing casually - with the exception of matching bow ties. The cake is chocolate and reportedly has sheep on top (I hate the plastic bride&groom or groom&groom toppers.)  We are trying to avoid the stereotypical wedding - after all this is a new kind of a married couple. After 23 years we couldn't be much more married, this will allow the law and society to recognize the relationship.

23 years ago today, Jay and I made a home together.  He moved into my place, we merged our belongings and our lives.  Around that time I asked him to marry me and he said, "don't be ridiculous, two men can't do that." Well times have changed, and when he asked me this summer after the Supreme Court ruled that we can do that, I said YES!.  We began planning and decided that keeping the anniversary the same would be a wonderful idea, and wonderfully enough October 17th fell on a Saturday.

We have a permit to host the event in a national park in Alexandria, followed by lunch for about 20 family and friends at a restaurant in Alexandria that has been serving since 1770- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin ate there. George had a townhouse a couple of blocks away and was a leader in the Episcopal Church just up the street (you can sit in his box when you visit the church.)

Yes pictures will follow.  Soon.  

What am I most looking forward to? Saying, "My Husband."  


  1. happy the day the sun shines on the grooms!

    23 years ago today, todd and I tied the knot at 12 noon at the holiday inn eisenhower avenue in alexandria - wedding and reception right at the hotel. 110 guests. an informal party!

    we wish you and sweet bear all the best as you enter a new chapter in your life together today! :)

    1. Thank You, - your card arrived yesterday - Thank You! - How sweet. I knew this was the same day - but I didn't realize the coincidence on years. That Holiday Inn is closed, being renovated to reopen soon as a Hilton property.

  2. Happy Wedding Day! May it be even more npbeautiful than you could imagine it to be.

  3. We are so very excited for you both! Congratulations!

  4. Anonymous10/17/2015


    ~ Freckles

  5. Congratulations!
    I hope you continue to be very happy together.

  6. I too want to join the conga line of congratulations. May you two be happy, long lives and travel well.