Friday, October 16, 2015


Oh my god, I am old, I just realized I have had a drivers license for 40 years this month.  How can that be?  I didn't care if I got a license or not, my father insisted that I take drivers education classes, get a learners permit and take the driver test.   Much my surprise I passed.  I will never forget the parking part of the driving test, I figured parking was a sure fire fail for me, I was always told that I was very uncoordinated.  As we approached the department of motor vehicles office at the end of the driving test the examiner pointed to an empty parking lot at a new Bell Telephone office building next door and said, "get it in there and get it stopped without hitting anything and you passed."  There was nothing to hit!  What could I do?  Soon my father's motives became clear, he would toss me the keys to the pickup truck and tell me to run and pickup supplies that he needed around the farm.  When I needed transportation for school events the following spring, he bought my grandfather's old pickup truck and handed me the keys (and a key to farm gas pump, I didn't know what gas cost until three years later.) 

I have driven just about everything from tiny cars to big box trucks. I have owned everything from a Renault Le-Car to a Cadillac Eldorado (I have owned 15 cars over the years,) I prefer small cars. They are easy to drive, easy to park (parking still haunts me, but other than an oil fired furnace I have never hit anything when parking.) 

I saw the car above in Munch near the market one morning.  It looks like such fun to drive.  


  1. interesting shape, but I can't tell if it's coming or going! do you know what make it is?

    PS - I got my license in 1971 by the same method as you. and I STILL can't parallel park; it scares the shit outta me!

    1. LoL, thanks for the comment. It is either a fiat or a BMW, micro cars were popular in the 50's and 60's and both made them.

  2. I took my driving test in a 1968 Ford LTD 'Country Squire" station wagon.

    And I could parallel park that boat like nobody's business...I think the testing officer was impressed.



  3. This brings back a lot of memories. I've had my license for 40 yrs., too. In California Drivers Education classes were mandatory.

    I failed my first driving test. I was going too fast. When the examiner said "Turn left" I made such a sharp turn that I knocked her out of the seat (I'm not kidding). In retrospect, it's hilarious.