Monday, October 05, 2015

Back of the bus

So, I  booked a work trip through Orbitz, because I have to use them for work trips. I  booked on American Airlines,  but the flight was on USAir, but really on Air Wisconsin.  Oh joys.
Last week I had an email from AA about the flight and realized that I didn't have seats selected. I tried to do it and was told I couldn't.  Grr!
When I went to check in on AA I  was redirected to USAir. There I could check in and select one of the three open seats. Two in the very last row and one inside seat a few rows forward. 
So here I am,  across from the toilet on the plane.  About the least desirable seat on the plane.  Only a little over an hour.  I can do almost anything for an hour. 


  1. oh joy, packed in like sardines in a tin can. :(

  2. With that location how about joining the mile high club?