Thursday, October 01, 2015

Boat Ride

My one-and-only Aunt and Uncle lived in a house on Lake Orion, north of Detroit when I was growing up.  I was ring-bearer in their wedding.  Richard had bought the house on the lake just before they married, so he would have a place for a boat that he had bought from one of his mother's neighbors, who had won it on the "Price is Right." As a child I would spend a couple of weeks each summer with them, and I developed a love of small boats.  I have never owned one, I should some day.  When I get a chance for a boat ride, I take it.

We spent a night in a spa town called Bad Wiessee  on Lake Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany.  We walked down along the lakefront and I noticed half-a-dozen identical small boats on the lake. Then I discovered the boat house and attempted to read the sign in German, I figured out that the boats were electric powered and available for rent.  I asked how much, 10-euros for 30 minutes.  I jumped at the opportunity.  2 minutes later we were pulling away.  I was amazed at how simple the rental was, I handed the young man the cash, he shouted to one of his co-worker that he had two in English please for a green boat (a little larger size than the red boats.) We walked out the dock, and the guy helped us board and explained the operation and one and only safety guideline, don't go within 40 meters of the shore or the rocks will tear the drive line out of the boat.  No paperwork, no waivers of liability, the switch is on you are ready to go.

And so we went for a ride, nearly all the way across the lake, looped around, did a couple of lazy circles to take some pictures and back right on time.  Can you tell from the look on my face that I was having a great time.  I really should buy a boat.