Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Autumnal Joys

New Hampshire, 2009
The weather has definitely started to change, autumn is upon us.  Living this far north, that means the deciduous trees will drop their leaves.  How much color change we will get depends on a lot of factors.  We are also far enough south that this process may take a couple of months, or if we get a couple of nights below freezing, it may happen fast.  The color is one of the joys.

I like to make soups and stews when the weather is cooler.  I made chilli on on Sunday.  It is fun at this time of the year to cook things that can simmer for hours warming the kitchen and then warm you again when you enjoy them.

I find joy in the cool autumn mornings, not so much the cool moving to cold nights as the climate control switches from air conditioning to heat, and back aging sometimes the next day. (I do like the automated system, I set the temperature in the house a couple of times a tear, and the systems do their things to keep us comfortable.


  1. spouse always makes a big batch of homemade chili during the winter months. he also makes vegetable soup.