Friday, October 02, 2015

Early Morning Memories

I seldom see the sunrise anymore, I am usually up at that hour, but alas at my computer reading blogs and assessing the state of the world for the day.  I like sunrise.  When I was in high school in winter - in Florida, I rode a bike to school, watching the sunrise over the Indian River and the Kennedy Space Center. I was "mooned" by a car load of classmates early one morning. Later when I lived in Orlando during  my gym-bunny days, I ran early in the morning 4-5 days a week.  My favorite course started on Park Avenue in Winter Park across from City Hall, went north on Park past the tony shops to the golf course, east to Lake Osceola, back south to Aloma and back to Park Avenue.  It would take about 25 minutes, long enough to go from dark to daylight as the sun rose across the lake.  I miss running.

When the weather is warm, there is a magic time just before sunrise, before the sun starts warming the world when the when the air is still and fresh.  I miss that.  I saw it once this past week.  I headed for the office unusually early a couple of times last week. Hence a couple of sunrises over the Potomac this past week.  The top is were I-495 passes Old Town Alexandria, the lower one is from the Metro bridge between Arlington and the District.


  1. WEEKEND! no sunrise this morning . :(

  2. Sunrise is synonymous with fresh start. The most beautiful time of day.

  3. I love both rise and fall; they are good times to stop and contemplate the day, and Life in general and thank the gods for it all.