Monday, May 04, 2015

The Cross Roads of the World

Times Square has been called the cross roads of the world.  New York is an amazing city, and in many ways Times Square is the beating heart of New York city.  Times Square is busy, crowded, noisy and glitzy.  It has traffic, pedestrians, shopping, and restaurants, television studios, the neatest police station and hotels.  It is a landmark location in a must see city.

At the risk of insulting the I Love NY crowd, New York is not the center of the world, it is not representative of the United States.  New York is to the United States, like London is to the United Kingdom, well not exactly, London is a world Capital, New York is not.  New York is worth visiting, but there is a lot more to the country then NY.  NY dominates coverage of the United States in the world scene, in large part because it is a major center of journalism and media.

If you have a chance, go see New York, but while you are at it, see some of the rest of the country.


  1. a-fucking-MEN, brother! once you get beyond the big cities do you see the real people of which this country is made.

  2. Been there twice, each for part of a day, I've been to the Statue of Liberty twice, the Empire State Building twice, and B&H Photo once. I want to go back and spend at least 3 or 4 days. Maybe this fall if I don't do England again.

    Peace <3

  3. It is the centre of the universe.