Friday, May 29, 2015

Frieze of the Acropolis

British Museum, London

Sounds like a good title for a movie.  I mentioned in a recent post that the relief sculptures from the temple on the Parthenon in Athens  are in a museum in London.  Here is a picture of part of them.  They are inside out, here they are in a room about the size of the building facing in, they would have been around the outside facing out.  They are incomplete, a lot of bits and pieces have been lost over time.  

I understand you could spend days in the British Museum, well maybe some people can I seldom last more than 2-3 hours in any museum, but it is huge.  I went there specifically to see this exhibit and it is worth the trip.  On the way in watch out for the Rosetta Stone, the one with the same message repeated in several ancient languages that has been a key to deciphering several long lost languages, I almost bumped into it (I don't want to be famous for knocking it over and breaking it.)  

The original library of the Museum is nearby and worth a walk through for those who dream of amazing library spaces.  


  1. Looks cool!

    Peace <3

  2. Well, if you have to be famous (infamous) for breaking something valuable, it might as well be the Rosetta Stone.